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Restore SharePoint Online & Teams data

Starting a restore session #

In this article you will learn how to restore SharePoint online and Teams data through the Back-IT 365 portal. You are able to restore entire sites and single items. It’s also possible to search through sites using the search & restore functionality.

Start a restore session by clicking on the ‘Start Restore Session’ button.

  1. Select the Office 365 organization
  2. Select the backup job
  3. Select the restore point
  4. Select ‘SharePoint or Teams’

Restore entires Site, Chat, Files and Tabs #

The restore suite for SharePoint or Teams will now appear and the organizations Sites will be loaded in the left navigation panel. From here you can select which Site you would like to restore entirely or granularly. You will also find your organization’s Team Sites in this overview.

Click the ‘Restore SharePoint Site to Office 365’ button. You need to confirm the service account user credentials in the next tab.

Finally your restore will be scheduled and you will receive a notification when the restore has been successful. Also you will receive a report with the amount of items that has been restored. This function will only restore the missing items.

Restore single items using the search & restore function #

You can restore single items by expanding a particular site and folder. The search & restore panel will now open. From here you can browse through the folder using the search function. You can restore single items to .zip or .filetype

Before you are able to restore there will be a second verification. Making sure that you have the right permissions to do so. You can pass the verification with the Office 365 admin or service account.