Creating backup jobs

  1. Login at 
  2. Navigate to “Organizations” > “List Organizations” and select the organization you wish to create a backup job for.
  3. Click “Add New Backup Job +”
  4. From here you can Add a backup job by filling in the required fields.
    Job Name: desired job name
    Job Description: desired job description
    Auto Protect Organization: Select On/Off
    note: this function makes for a total backup of the entire Office 365 tenant, without exclusions.
    Select users or sites
    Backup Retention: Select 7 Years
    Backup Time: 
    Choose your desired daily backup time
  5. Success, you have successfully created a backup job!

Your backup job will appear in the “list backup jobs” menu. The initial status will appear as ‘stopped’. The initial backup job run will run automatically at the selected time.

Depending on the total amount of data, the initial backup job might take some time to complete.