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Backup job status

In this article we explain the meaning of our backup job statuses.

After a backup job has finished running it will return a Success, Warning or Failed status. Below we explain each status.

Status: Success
This status is self explanatory. Your backup job has ran successful without any exclusions or limitations.

Action level: no further action.

Status: Warning
“Warnings” in the backup jobs are usually related to some particular items that were not backed up properly. Even though one item (Email, Contact, Site view, .docx file, etc) was not backed from the object (Site, Mailbox, Archive, OneDrive) it will show a warning. The rest of the items are properly backed up.

Action level: low to medium.
Read the warning explanation carefully and see how many items were not backed up properly. Mainly the cause is related to the lack of Office 365 permissions of specific sites or shared mailboxes without an owner. These are fairly easily fixed through the Office 365 admin center.

Status: Failed
“Failed”, statuses mean that a significant part of data hasn’t been taken into backup. For example, an entire Site, OneDrive or Mailbox. It could still mean that 95% has been backed up properly, but we suggest to take action immediately either way.
It can occur in case some specific object could not be backed up due to an error. It can happen:

a) On the object level.
Back-IT 365 can’t access the entire Site and in the backup job report, you see that the backup of this specific object has failed but the other objects were processed properly.

b) On the organization level. 
Back-IT 365 was not able to connect to the Office 365 tenant or one of its components (proxy/repository). In this case, the backup job would fail for all objects.

Action level: high
Read the Failed explanation carefully, decide wether it’s an object level error or an organization level error. Take action immediately either way based on this information.

Object level errors are mainly fixed in the Office 365 admin center.

Organization level errors are mainly fixed on the Veeam software side. Make sure to always check your organization’s permissions when troubleshooting.

Please contact our support department to assist you.