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Add an Office 365 Organization

  1. Login at 

2. Navigate to “Organizations” > “List Organizations”

3. Click “Add New Organization +”

4. From here you can Add a new organization using Modern Factor Authentication with or without legacy protocols.

4.1: Without legacy protocols enabled (recommended). Allows for an easy set-up using this Veeam documentation

4.2 With legacy protocols enabled. This requires additional setup in the Azure Portal. Check this guide for more information. Please note that additional Teams permissions are required. Make sure to double check the permissions at the bottom of this article.

5. Make sure to select the appropriate services you would like to protect:

6. You have successfully added an Organization.


Having trouble adding an organization? Check if you have set the required permissions for each application:

Required Permissions for Exchange

Required Permissions for OneDrive & SharePoint

Required Permissions for Teams

Azure AD permissions